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Available for download are a few tutorials by Charles Gallistel and Adam King. The tutorials include sample code, narration and instruction videos.

Tutorial 1 - Overview (31MB)
Tutorial 2 - Setting Up Experiment Structure (13MB)
Tutorial 3 - The Script (4.2MB)
Tutorial 4 - Loading in Data (5.7MB)
Tutorial 5 - The Experiment Browser (8.1MB)
Tutorial 6 - Direct Data Entry (5.8MB)
Tutorial 7 - Sequence Finding (2.5MB)
Tutorial 8 - Computing With Found Sequences (5MB)
Tutorial 9 - Trials (21MB)
Tutorial 10 - Helper Functions (13kB)
Tutorial 11 - TStrialstat (103kB)
Tutorial 12 - TSapplystat (18MB)
Tutorial 13 - TScombineover (134kB)
Tutorial 14 - Getting Your Data In (includes Load function examples - 212kB)
Tutorial 15 - Informative Graphics (2.7MB)

Script Examples - (UnZip the file and add the whole folder and subfolders to your MatLab path - 2.5MB)

[IMPORTANT] The tutorials are in Microsoft PowerPoint format and use Quicktime Video. To view the videos you will need the Apple Quicktime Player (download here) or any other player capable of playing ".mov" files.
To view the PowerPoint presentations you need Microsoft Office. If you do not have MS Office you can download the PowerPoint Viewer 2003 (download here) or OpenOffice, which is a free alternative to MS Office (download here)



When you download TSlib these documents will be available in the 'Manual-Doc' folder.

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