Download TSlib

There are two methods of obtaining TSlib. The first method uses an SVN client. SVN is a content versioning system that we use to keep track of multiple versions of TSlib. The advantages of this method are that you are provided with an automatic install script that downloads all the necessary files and adds them to your Matlab path for you. You are also provided with an update script which you can use to automatically update TSlib when a new version is available.

The second method is basically you downloading a ZIP file. You need to manually add the files to your Matlab path and when you need to update you would have to manually download a new version and replace the old one. The only advantage is you do not need to download SVN but it is a very widely used program, guaranteed free of viruses and a very nice tool to have.


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Method 1 - Using SVN (recommended)

Installing TSlib

  1. Download and install SVN command line client
    (Windows) - subversion-client-1.6.11-3.win32.exe (10.5MB)
    (Mac OSX 10.5) - subversion-1.6.11-10.5.x.dmg.smi (16.7MB)
    (Mac OSX 10.6) - subversion-1.6.11-10.6.x.dmg.smi (13.1MB)

    In order to get the most recent version (requires registration) go to:
    (Mac OSX) -
    (Windows) -
  2. Download and extract the install scripts - (14kB)
  3. Open Matlab and change directory to the folder with the install scripts
  4. Run the "DownloadTSlib('flavor', 'installpath')" command where "flavor" can be:
    'stable' - the current production release or
    'dev' - the most recent code (only recommended for developers)

    (Mac OSX) - "installpath" is optional. If omitted TSlib will be installed in the default location.
    (Windows) - "installpath" is mandatory. There shouldn't be any spaces in the path name. If installing inside
    "C:\\Program Files\\..." for example, type it as "C:\\Progra~1\\..."
  5. Congratulations! TSlib has been downloaded and added to your Matlab path and is now ready to be used.

Updating TSlib

If you would like to update your toolbox to the most recent version of that flavor: "UpdateTSlib('flavor')", where flavor can be: stable or dev.

You will then be asked if you want to see any TSlib folders currently in your Matlab path.
Choose 'yes' or 'no'.

After that you will be asked if you want to remove these from your path.
MAKE SURE TO TYPE 'yes', OTHERWISE THE UPDATE WILL QUIT. It is necessary for the old folders to
be removed before the new updated ones can be added to the path.


Method 2 - Download ZIP file

  1. Download (1.2MB) - stable or (1.2MB) - dev/beta
  2. Unzip the file you just downloaded into a folder
  3. Open Matlab
  4. Add the folder with TSlib to your path (File\Set Path ...\ Add folder)
  5. TSlib is now ready to be used